Amelio Livio Wines

Barbera del Monferrato DOC 

It is by far the main Piedmontese grape with a red berry.

On its original area and on its seniority nothing can be said for sure; the historical news dates as far back as the end of the eighteenth century. Everything points to the fact that his homeland should be looked for in the Dukedom of Monferrato. It is therefore nice to assume that it was born spontaneously from some older local vine. It has a medium-sized pyramidal cluster, medium-large, blue-black pruinous skin.

The must obtained from these grapes is left in contact with the skins for about 6/7 days, depending on the fermentation process. It is then frequently dropped as rain on the marc, to promote the extraction of color and scents contained in the skins. A careful and constant control of fermentation temperature is necessary as excessive overheating would cause loss of perfumes.

We then proceed to the grinding stage and then to the refining which takes place in the tub and then completed in the bottle for at least another month,. It is all carried out in accordance with traditions, but using modern equipment in order to offer the consumer a wine that respects its typical characteristics and at the same time is hygienically safe.

This wine, with more or less intense red color, has a fruity scent with notes of cooked fruit.

For its light lively note it is considered a young wine that usually is enjoyed better during the year of production.

It accompanies light first and second courses.